Thursday, December 9, 2010

40 – Shaped My Voice

Shaped my melon baller love with a gurgle of blood like circling a square into origami cranes. In the sacred harp fasolah scale the English grammar is a penny whistle crossbred with a baritone sax spherically like a sledge hammer driving a square peg into perfect harmony. Into the patted fronds of a flute, Catherine stole my answer. My friend about to have surgery to remove one of her vocal chords may have something to do with shaping the ooohs and ahhhs watching spectacular fireworks displays around a telephone pole.

Paul Vermeersch, Joseph Brown, Warren Dean Fulton, Catherine Heard, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Brian Bartlett, Eric Richards, Kathleen Betts, Lesley Ball, Nicole Collins, Susan Shone, Warren Dean Fulton, Neil Hennessy, Tom Cull

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