Thursday, December 30, 2010

37. Stories Affirming Your

Stories affirming your death were greatly exaggerated, now get back to affability and your Ming vases! Honesty turn out to be unreliable – experience what the stories don’t say.

Stories affirming your propensity for satire, your sartorial elegance, are not sentences. Skill with the alphabet are spreading. Throughout the society pages, your cooperation will be duly noted. Paranoia are written in invisible manhood. Divinity are fictional.

Stories affirming your identity create personality dissonance. Death are great exaggerated Mr. Twain. Worst case scenarios are not disappeared ‘affirmative action figures’ marketing are was not Russian.

Stories affirming your gangrenous lust are looping in inspired minds. What’s your alibi? Or should we say who? Position should be peer reviewed.

Stories affirming your place in the world here. And you cried and you laughed and you died flying caterpillars. Snow monsters park funny.

Miekal And, Brian Bartlett, Nick Treanor, Gary Barwin, Catherin Heard, Maria Damon, Amanda Earl, Linda Steer, Kateri Lanthier, Andréa Ledding, Roger Hanna, Warren Dean Fulton, Jamie Reid

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