Thursday, December 30, 2010

38. Untenable Position And

untenable position: head in ass

unattainable possibility: a flimsy negligee

a Tai Chi drop-to-boot: pretendable unbidden

unmentionable unquenchable unbendable: opposition

terrible imprecation: riot gear worn against the osmosis of dissent

shifting indefensible strategic actions: make for good urge

a fidgety agitated population: mix with ignorance and a hunger for disorder

positionable tendons: flex me like Gumby

we fall down: such is life

ten able positrons and ions and neutrons: still my zerg will rush you

a regrettable tattoo: viewed from an untenable position

unnineable: time

desperately seeking tenure: not an ideal and yet it still is our position

Jamie Reid, Leah Murray, Catherine Heard, Brian Bartlett, Roland Prevost, Andrew Topel, Gary Barwin, Warren Dean Fulton, Amanda Earl, Andréa Ledding, Jennifer Shone-Tribley, Joseph Brown, Jim Andrews, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Nicolas Béaud

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