Thursday, November 4, 2010

46 alt – Shamefully Distorting History

Quantum leapfrogging

the ripples spreading

across this old pond

tune in the feed

squeezing cyclical lies

to the square of patriotism

to forget shame the historian wrote “the end”

revisionism the new solipsism,

I am what I say I was is a full-time job

the deeper we dig

the more archaeology makes a good novel

all too easy is her middle name,

the most fun you can have for one dollar

writing in a name for your unknown father

in hope of getting one more chance to deal

so high and wild he’ll never have another

creating histories in Canada

teaches that history shamefully distorts

I am writing backwards

the most banal landscape

into a utopian wonder

Warren Dean Fulton, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Alison Starkey, Brian Bartlett, Diane Schoemperlen, Joseph Brown, Kateri Lanthier, Ken McGoogan, Alice Robinson, Amanda Earl, Sharon Honywill-Haddow, Ken McGoogan, Athena Madan, Gary Barwin, Catherine Heard

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