Saturday, November 13, 2010

44 – I Erased Facts

I erased facts with tact and still had a de Kooning theory before verifying that they were indeed facts; I may in fact have been erasing fictions; the fact is, fact or not; that in fact I erased facts or fictions.

I erased facts with acts but not those written invisible with the friction of fiction

and then I denied I lied, lambaste and please help me retrieve them. I shall gather up the eraser rubbings and rewrite truth with a nod, reason with a gesture; made dreams into memory, sight into sound and replaced them with fiction until there were none, but now it is a Rauschenberg so I could be adored for something I didn’t do, removed the truth and replaced it with this poem so you would vote for me.

Douglas: had a good chuckle on that one, as it is election day in Winnipeg and I just read this for the privilege and opinions for the agency and lay down all my weapons and wrote the truth and other mistakes of opinions in order to clear my conscience for another round, plunderversing the collective memory through Orwellian notions of mind manipulation as they squeaked by.

Ian Rae, derek beaulieu, Donato Mancini, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Amanda Earl, Brian Bartlett, Warren Dean Fulton, Kathleen Betts, Pearl Pirie, Jordan Fry, Alice Robinson, Martin Aitken, Catherine Heard, Kristen Peterson, Priscilla Brett, Douglas Barbour, James Yeary, Natalee Caple, Joseph Brown, Jamie Reid, Kim Goldberg

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