Thursday, October 21, 2010

48 – And began destroying

And begin destroying aphorism contests
what I have built
for only words outlive stone

the beginning
the end to begin again
only books outlive screens

above Toronto Dominion
begging the king, the best
repeat the ending of creation

the structure from within
what you yourself have destroyed
the destroyer

a fondness for paradox on my part
withstands the test of time

relationships, ecosystems, credibility
everything we know
destroys beginnings

bullets into white flags
gun barrels destroying
things that remind me of your face

you scumbag, your inner demons
the bonds between us, one by one
still good to ruin

oh kali, goddess of annihilation
helter skelter hate and destruction
memories and underused brain cells

Laurie Anne Fuhr, Pricilla Brett, Andrew Topel, Elena Basile, Tim Posgate, Neil Hennessy, Andréa Ledding, Catherine Heard, Ian Rae, Kathleen Betts, Warren Dean Fulton, Sharon Honywill-Haddow, Brian Bartlett, Kristen Peterson, Alice Robinson, Amanda Earl

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