Friday, June 25, 2010

#95 – Faceless But Booked

Faceless but booked
on the site, in the mud
word after word after word after word
all transparent charlatans
steams, thirsty

Faceless but booked
fences invade my dreams

the Western Marches
we only have one script
what do I do with that meatball?

make it detox
detox veg

smorgulon, smorgulax

Faceless but booked off the plane from Tulita
I land, I almost faint
the people (400 people, no restaurants)
the rush
I am cured
of my fear of marigolds

I Claudius
I borrow your bike
(don’t trust Greg Betts)
I borrow your beer and friends
coffee pot
table top

Faceless but effacing
the matriarchical peace
we’ve called the doctor
the crown, the architect’s erection

Allan Briesmaster, Claudio Gaubio, Michael Christopher Holmes, Aaron Tucker, Jenny Sampirisi, rob mclennan, Frank Davey, Gary Barwin, Lindsay Tipping, Jim Johnstone, Babar Khan, others.

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